Friday, 6 April 2007

Spring has SPRUNG!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! Matt had his friend Ben over to sleep last night and yesterday they all (including the kids next door) had a huge water fight with balloons, buckets and hoses. I even managed to get wet at one point thanks to Kyle and a small balloon, don't worry I did get my own back with a huge, full bucket! My garden now looks like a battle ground so today they will be picking up bits of balloon for hours. It is set to be another good day with temperatures as high as 20c so we will be working in the garden. I will post again later if I can get a photo of Pete working - that's my challenge for the day! He has the job of cleaning the BBQ ready for tea tonight. He did originally suggest we should buy a new one but at £500 I think it would be more economical to clean the perfectly good one we have. I wonder if my favourite Canadians will be gardening today and BBQing tonight with temperatures of -7C and snow on the ground.

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