Thursday, 19 April 2007


... I have now got my own shop on the Internet. The grand opening will be on May 2nd 2007 - this way the shop and I will share birthdays! It is going to take a bit of setting up but it will have a shopping basket facility, more choice of products and fairer postage charges than I currently charge on eBay. My shop will be able to charge postage according to the weight of the items you have bought rather than a flat rate like eBay the top postage charge will be £5. I will be accepting Paypal, cheques, postal orders and shortly Google checkout. I have chosen not to accept credit cards as I personally prefer to use Paypal when shopping as I feel that is a safer method of payment - as after all you are only giving your card details to them and not unknown shops. I hope you will all join me when my shop opens, I will of course be still selling on eBay but it will be a limited stock. If you would like to take a sneak peek at the shop before it opens then visit


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