Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Well the blood transfusion certainly worked as predicted. Pete woke up this morning positively bouncing!! I had ice blocks down my back at 7.30am, Kyle had already lost his temper with him by this stage! When I asked him how he felt I got "Sexy Better" as a reply, God only knows what that means!! I must admit though I do prefer this annoying Pete much more than Zombie Pete and we could put that extra blood to good use if he plays his cards right........ ;-)

A quicky for my friends birthday today.

105mm x 105mm cream hammered card
Flowers - Wyvale Garden Centre
Button - Craft Obsessions
Fibre - Free from Craft Obsessions
Papers - Cratepaper "Twig" double sided 12x12
Lettering - Old rub on sheet in back of drawer
Techniques: Inking

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