Sunday, 8 April 2007

Beside the Seaside, beside the sea!

Another gorgeous day today and we decided to take Martyn (the great nephew) to the beach for the day. So we took a picnic, the first of the year, and headed off to the Wirral. Great fun was had by all at the beach, country park, woods and fields - yes we were very busy! All in a good cause - knackering the baby out so he will sleep tonight - he still has a dog walk to do yet!! He is busy shouting at his Uncle Pete in the kitchen at the moment and is brilliant at getting Pete and the boys to run round after him - I must get some tips from him before he goes home to his Mum!! Guess who gets the smelly nappies though - I have never seen 3 people disappear so fast. Pete has even tried to blame his own smells on "Fartin Martyn". We took the photograph with our latest toy - a tiny 7mg camera which is much easier to carry round than the Canon Digital SLR we have as it fits in your pocket. It's also a no brainer so I can actually use it without the manual!!!

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