Saturday, 14 April 2007


.... in a day! I walked lots of steps today mainly due to the amount of housework I have done. The house was a mess after having the boys off school for 2 weeks so when they went for a game of golf with Grandma and Grandad I blitzed the place. It was that bad it took me all day but it does look good for it. Pete's not good at the moment as his blood count is back down to 65 which is less than half of what it should be. He's been pretty sick with it for the last few weeks and it also the reason for the sickness at the restaurant the other week. He should be great by Monday night as he is in hospital on Monday for 3 units of blood. He starts feeling better about an hour after the red stuff starts being pumped in. So next week I have a hyperactive husband to look forward to which will make a nice change from the zombie I have lived with for the last month of so!! We won't be doing much this weekend as Pete isn't fit for much so I plan to spend some time in the garden and Pete will do what he can. He is under strict instructions to strip off in the garden to try and get a bit of colour before we go on holiday.I best go now as I think Pete is getting a bit pissed with me as we are watching a DVD.

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