Sunday, 3 June 2007


...but not quite! The drive is now finished but I am not going to photograph it until it has been cleaned up which apparently can't be done until the cement is dry so I'll have to wait one more day. Pete underestimated how long this job would take as he said a couple of hours but it took a couple of days and we still have to go to the tip with the rubbish. I suspect he may drag jobs out a bit to get out of doing anything else but then again most men do that don't they?
On one of his breaks this morning I caught him watching Big Brother Live which is unheard of for Pete. When I took a peak it all became clear as the place was full of half naked women in skimpy swimwear bending over. Personally I am finding it dull this year as I can't think of anything worse than a house full of bitchy females competing for the attention of one man. However, I may change my mind if some more nice men are introduced to the house later on. Not that I am shallow or anything you understand!
Well that's nearly the end of another weekend but we still have one more thing to look forward to before work tomorrow - Supernatural on ITV2 tonight. Now there's 2 somethings that are very eye pleasing and the stories aren't bad either! Switch on and enjoy.


A sweet product from a tree or plant to eat. Show us fruit in your space.

His: Elderflowers turning into Elderberries count don't they?

Hers: The only nearly ready strawberry in a large bed of strawberries!

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