Saturday, 9 June 2007

Don't you hate bullies!


Something to block a hole or a device to make an electrical connection.

His: Later as he's doing overtime until lunch time.

Hers: PSP car charger - with 2 boys in the house I was spoilt for choice with this one. In my opinion this is the most important plug as it stops the fights on those long car journeys.










I didn't have a good day yesterday which probably explains the burnt cheese on toast. I had a quick rush into Matt's High School just after 9am to deal with what I suspected might be a bullying problem. Thank God I did fly into school as he finally admitted to his head of year yesterday that he has indeed been being bullied for the last 2 months ever since he started going on the bus (how guilty do I feel now). They (there are about 4 of them) have kept quiet as the bully, who is 16, is leaving school very soon so they thought it would be easier to put up with it. He has not touched them but has intimidated them into buying things for him after school, which they have been doing just so he will leave them alone.

The school was fantastic yesterday I sat and talked to the pastoral teacher who then bought Matthew in so we could talk to him, predictably he stayed tight lipped. I left, to go home to pace and worry, and the teacher saw him again after lunch on his own, still tight lipped. His head of year then saw him in the last lesson where he finally opened up of his own accord she then phoned me last night to tell me what had been said. He is now getting a lift into school until this boy has finally left school. He is in on Monday for an exam and the headmaster will be waiting for him at the door afterwards to deal with him. They are not going to mention Matt's name at all so there will be no repercussions on him, which is good and nobody knows why he was pulled out of lessons so many times on Friday.

In hind sight I should have seen this weeks ago as there have been signs, but, never mind I can't dwell on the could have, should haves as that won't change anything and it is being dealt with now which is the main thing.

I just keep thinking how simple life was when Matt was 3 and Kyle was 1 and how small the worries were in comparison.



sharon said...

YES I HATE BULLIES...just no need for it. Your son probably feels releaved it is now out in the open and that he has talked to someone..and I hope that 16 year old gets whats coming to him!!
Let us know what happens on Monday.x the black and pink on your pic.x

Anonymous said...

What brave boys! I hope the bullies don't give them any more trouble.

Loev your photo, I like angles and that pink just adds a dash of colour :o)

Marjolein said...

What a great shot!!!!!

Lin said...

Love the photo, I wouldn't have thought of a charger, good call. :-)

Anonymous said...

Fab photo...great idea :)

Suzie said...

Great photo - and well done to your son for speaking to the head. Very brave thing to do and I hope the bully gets what he deserves!

Angela said...

Nice pic, nice and crisp.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Sorry to hear about your son's problems :( Glad you're now aware of what's happening.

Great plug photo :D

Aubrey Harns said...

Fantastic shot - love the pink background. Bullies SUCK - I'm so glad that's being dealt with.

Nina said...

Big squeeze bfor all of you. I was bullied at school and it was horrid.