Wednesday, 13 June 2007


The end of an arm.

His: I cheated and used this one for him.

Hers: This is what hands were invented for!

The photo of Pete was taken last year when he injured his thumb - with a cellotape dispenser!! Somehow he managed to cut his tendon with it and ended up wearing this ridiculous plaster for a while. I think he was expecting sympathy when he returned home from the hospital but we all just fell about laughing as he looked so funny. The next one was even worse as his thumb was pushed further back and it looked like even more of a thumbs up. He even ended up with a wire contraption being fitted to his hand for a while. All for a little piece of tape! Lol
I took my picture at 8.45 this morning and I did decant the wine back into the bottle, honest. **hic** Even though I could do with a drink at the moment to get me through today. I am going to be busy, busy, busy! Just had a phone call from my Mother in Law saying that they have arrived back in the country, they live in Oman, and are coming through to see us this afternoon. AArrrggghhh the house is a mess, I have no food in, no car and no idea what to cook. I had my day all planned out with what I was going to do but some how I think the plan will not be followed today. Never mind it will be nice to see them and there is always tomorrow.
Got a bit of bad news on the Matthew front last night as the bully has got a job near to the High School at a fishing shop and will be taking the same bus as M every morning to get to work. M is going to be getting a lift in for this week and next and then he is in Germany for a week. After that he can go back on the bus and see what happens as the problems were always after school before. At least we know he will tell us if anything happens now so that we can deal with it straight away.


Jo said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I couldn't help myself reading your story of the thumb and the tape! Sorry!
Both great photos!

Jen said...

great hand photos!

amberley said...

love the wine glass pic!!

Marjolein said...

Wow, great shots!!!! Love the wine one!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great pics. I could do with a glass of wine right now - but I think my lunchtime drinking days are over LOL.

Jane said...

Oh dear, I'll be careful around my sellotape dispenser **giggle** Love your shot with the wine! And we've got father-in-law dropping in tonight.. and it's the Final of The Apprentice!

Hope you have a nice visit, and Matther does ok with the bus :o)

pokettiger said...

Great photos. I had a cast a bit like that myself once upon a time. Not a very fun experience.

Lin said...

Two fab photos.

Ouch to the accident though, my friend Alison had one of those wire up jobbies on her hand after she cut her tendon but she put hers through a window (by accident of course), you wouldn't think a tape dispenser could do such a thing...

Suzie said...

Great photos! I could do with some wine right now too!

Chris said...

oooh 'his' looks painful and yours perfect lol.
Hope things go okay for your son it must be an awful worry for you.

~*Gems*~ said...

Great photos! xx

joanna said...

LOVE the wine shot, and am wincing at the thought of the sellotape dispenser injury - great photo, though :)

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Fabulous photos :O)

Ruth said...

Great photos, and I admit that I did indeed giggle about the tape injury. Sorry 'bout that. Hope you had a good visit with the in-laws and that Matthew doesn't have anymore trouble with the creepy bully.

Jolanda said...

Love your pictures!