Saturday, 2 June 2007


.... we are replacing the temporary flags that were put at the end of the drive 5 years ago! It's just turning out to be a bigger job than expected - aren't they always and the hose pipe leaking onto the newly laid concrete doesn't help either! If your wondering what all the bags are they are rubble and the bags are courtesy of bag man Pete who never throws a bag away!!! Must admit though they do come in handy.
On the shop front I have eventually sourced some board backed envelopes for 12x12 paper at a reasonable price and got them delivered this morning (This delivery also inspired my snap for the day below). So I am now just waiting for the delivery of the 12x12 papers which should be soon and then I can get them listed in the shop. Got a huge back log of cards that I need to find time to make sometime this week as well as lots of other stuff that is in the to do pile so I will have to find some time from somewhere!


A narrow strip of material used to hold or fasten.

His & Hers

Take care everyone

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