Wednesday, 6 June 2007


A simple food of brown or white colour.

His: Bread for the birds?

Hers: Bread crumbs in Brenda which are going to be used on top of my herb crusted haddock tonight.
Just looked at everybody elses bread shots and they all look so tasty! All I have here is boring brown weightwatchers bread which isn't very photogenic.


Due to Pete surprising me at lunch time with a visit home he managed to do his picture early today. He was trying to get some birds eating the bread but the Twig got to it first! Pete is once again the human pin cushion as he called here on his way back to work from the hospital after giving yet more blood for them to test and taking in a very large bottle of urine! He is seeing the kidney guy next week to find out how his kidneys are functioning - hopefully they will still be stable.

I spent a wonderful 3 1/2 hours ironing yesterday and will now be quite happy if I never see an iron again but I have a nasty feeling I will be getting it out again in a couple of days.
We went and played baseball and cricket last night but I forgot the camera so sorry no pics. I wasn't much use at it anyway as I wore my skorts (yes it is spelt right) and the grass was really long so kept stinging my legs and it was full of cuckoo spit which was really yucky and slimy. I have promised to wear long pants next time so that I can actually run for the ball instead of standing there looking more useless than normal.

Hope everyone has a nice day or had a nice day depending on when you read this!



Eleanor said...

Oh brilliant blender Brenda, that's fab.
I couldn't run for a ball wearing pants, knickers or nothing at all, so I'd be worse than useless. Spectating is good.

Jolanda said...

Nice picture of the blender!!

Marjolein said...

Nice picture you made!!!!! Both of you!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great interpretations - both :D

Aubrey Harns said...

Terrific shot! Your dog is adorable!

sharon said...

great your dog..and dog does the

Anonymous said...

Wow two fab photos... great ideas :)

Kae said...

Great shots :)

Anonymous said...

They're erally great photos! Love the touch of the paw prints, and your haddock sounds tasty! I hope Pete does well with his tests :o)

Lin said...

Love the photo of the breadcrumbs. The dog is cute too/ :-)

Hope everything goes well for Pete

mil lunares said...

wow, these are really cool!

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Cool photos ~ wow!!

Alexandra McNicol said...

Great photos