Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Eeeee By 'Eck

I managed to take a picture on the day instead of using a photo I already have. Wonders will never cease!! I'm not holding my breath though as I will probably have "can't be arseditus" again by tomorrow.
Anyway on to the shot I actually took this morning.

We have a waiting game going on here at the moment as the powers that be have decided to mess with Pete's medication. It was supposed to happen yesterday but the nurse that he needed to see was off sick so we have to wait until we can get another appointment with her before it starts. Apparently he needs to come off the steroids, which keep him from getting Crones, and he is going to be taking immunosuppressents instead. It is going to take a long time to get him from one to the other and lots and lots of blood tests - no wonder the poor bloke is anaemic. Can't say I am looking forward to this as Pete tends to get what ever side effects are going with every drug he is given, his kidney failure is a side effect of a drug given to him 9 years ago for the Crones. The side effects for this drug? It is a good job I find bald men sexy is all I am going to say!
I eventually made a decision about next years holiday at about 11 last night so we are now going to the nice lady in the South of Croatia (Pete better get a hat). It's the first time I have been so organised about a holiday so far in advance but I really needed something to cheer me up and look forward to and this way I am going to work for a reason which makes it much easier!
It's funny really as we went skiiing near to Dubrovnik for our first Christmas together in 1990. We flew into Dubrovnik but had to fly back from Split as while we were there they stopped people going on holiday to Yugoslavia and declared Dubrovnik unsafe. This was the year that Pete gave me a bag of Cheese and Onion crisps as a present and made me eat them early on Christmas morning. Not easy to do when the crisps were stale and I had been drinking the night before (heavily as there was not much else to do due to the huge blackout). It took a while but I did eventually find the gold locket and necklace at the bottom of the crisp packet all covered in grease and crumbs!
Right it's time for me to get off my butt, tidy up the scrabble, get dressed and take myself off to work for the next 9 hours. Hi Ho Hi Ho


sharon said...

Sorry to hear about Pete's meds,hopefully he will adjust quickly , great e in your space though :)x

SuzyB said...

Good to see you back Rach :o)

Poor Pete, hope its not too traumatic changing meds for him. Aww but bless him, how romantic was that to hide a pressy in a bag of crisps??


etteY said...

nice e shot Rach! I wish you all well!

Chris T said...

Another great shot, hope it doesn't take too long to sort out the meds. Glad you've got your hols sorted

Sarah said...

Great E's :)

Hope they get Pete sorted out soon x

Louise said...

I love coming to see your photos. Haven't you just come back from holiday mrs?

Igotmebabe said...

Fantastic eeee's

Sue Nicholson said...


Sounds like a drug for something else too. I take a lowish weekly dose of methotrexate, (hair is fine, sickness is my main problem), it a drug for cancer but is also good for severe ra, It's marvellous and I haven't had oral steroids since I have been on it, maybe six injections in the past four years. Not bad going :-D

Wish you both luck for the transfer period.

Great a holiday for 2009. Me too, off to Malta :-)

Kids back in school next week . . . lets try yo get together with Mima soon :-)

Right Ikea took it out of me today!!! LOL :-D

Bye for now and take care Rach . . . {{hugs}} . . . Sue

Shannon said...

are you sure you are feeling well? Two posts? Love your E!