Friday, 15 August 2008

Hi Honey...

...we're home! After a long journey we eventually touched down at Manchester Airport at 6am this morning. Can't say I enjoyed landing much as at the time I was holding 2 full sick bags and trying to open another one ready for Kyle to use. That child finds the most awkward times to get a migraine. I am mostly unpacked and put away with just a last few items hanging out on the line drying I really can't believe how lucky I have been with the great washing weather we have had here today. Please forgive me for such a short post and a total lack of photographs but I have now been up (and awake) for about 30 hours so have no inclination to started editing the hundreds and hundreds of pictures waiting for my attention. Off now to fold and put away some more clothes and clean the kitchen then I may just sit down in front of the TV with a glass of wine and some chocolate I wonder how long I will stay awake for after my first sip of winzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Eleanor said...

Ooh welcome home chick.
Look forward to pics.
Poor boy with migraine, Robbie had them something wicked, so have every sympathy.

Zoe said...

Welcome back Rach!

Flight doesn't sound like much fun :(

Can't wait to see the piccies (not of the flight obviously!!)


Katney said...

It looks liek a wonderful trip. I hope to get back to see some more of your picturew when you get to them.

Katney said...

I can spell. Relly I can. I can even spell British if I have to.

I meant to say, sorry about the migraine, which appears not to have had an overall affect on the family.