Saturday, 2 August 2008

Back in Claremont

The flight from Newark in New Jersey went well with no complications and after picking up a new hire car, which is not as glamorous as the first one, we got back to Claremont mid afternoon. We were all that knackered that we just relaxed and took it easy for the rest of the day.
Yesterday was a bit more eventful and active. On the way to Stouffville we dropped off 11 Travel Bugs and Geocoins off at a geocache, including Matthews coin which is in a race with Kyles to see which one can get back to Cheshire England first. Once in Stouffville we visited "Timber Creek" where we played crazy golf and went into the batting cages.

Someone Elses Portrait

After a walk round a giant "Wal-mart" we went to catch dinner at Burds Family Fishery. Between them the boys managed to catch four HUGE rainbow trout one of which Nick BBQ'd for us to eat - delicious. The others have been frozen ready to take to the cottage next week to be smoked for dinner one night.

To finish off a great day we went to watch "Batman The Dark Knight" at the local cinema which we all really enjoyed.

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Mima said...

Rainbow trout are really delicious - total yummy stuff. Did you go into the batting cages, or was it just the boys? Do they have some sort of machine that fires balls at you?