Saturday, 2 August 2008

On the Road.....

Again! It seems like ages ago that we left home but it has only been 8 days, I think this could be because we have packed an amazing amount into such a short space of time. Today we have driven East to Ottawa stopping at "Bleasedell Boulder" along the way which Kyle just had to climb with a little bit of help....
After a nice relaxing drive to Kingston to see "Fort Henry" we turned North up to "Smiths Falls" where we visited "Timmy Horton's" for coffee, doughnuts and cookies before continuing on up to Ottawa. After parking the car we booked into the rather splendid hotel that we are staying in and got ready to explore the city. This place has the most amazing buildings on Parliament Hill which are beautiful, unfortunately the light wasn't playing so I couldn't get any really good shots tonight.

When we reached the top of the hill (and caught our breath back) we saw a couple of these little guys scrabbling about in the dirt which made my day.

We walked a little bit further and found the coolest fire fountain....

Dinner tonight was a great experience at a place called "Richtree Market Restaurant" where you are handed a card each on your arrival. You then walk round the restaurant finding the food that you fancy, you hand the card to the chef and they swipe it adding your choice to the final bill. It was that good that we are eating there again tomorrow night.
We have timed our visit really well as tomorrow the International Buskerfest is in full swing, the 1st Rideau Canal Festival gets underway AND the International Firework Competition starts at 9.30 just over the water and on top of that the hotel has a swimming pool so I don't think we will be stuck for anything to do.
The only thing I have left to say is a huge "GOOD LUCK" to my cousin Claire who is playing in beach volley ball competition this weekend in Toronto. We will be thinking about you.


Sarah said...

Great SPS - in fact all your holiday photos are brilliant, you are certainly going to have some wonderful memories to look back on :-)

SuzyB said...

Im sooooo jealous, looky at what you lot are up to!

Loving all these photos, racoon has to be my favourite cause Im a sucker for small and fluffy but keep them coming!

Diana said...

Sounds like and looks like you are having a great time.
Love di X

Mima said...

Love the racoon shot, and wow is it pretty. I hope that you got some better light today so you can get some photos that you are happy with, but I have been loving the ones that you have put up so far.

With the fire fountain it's amazing that health and safety haven't had something to say about that, can't imagine it being allowed here!!

That restaurant sounds brilliant. When I was still in Cayman for a special birthday or Christmas etc we used to go to one of a couple of hotels that had Champagne Brunch. They would have lots of tables up with all of the most wonderful food that you could possibly imagine to choose from, an absolute delight, and you could eat as much of it as you wanted too, so real piggy stuff washed down with champagne!!

Igotmebabe said...

Been reading about all your exciting adventures, what a amazing time you are having and the pics are great :)

monkee maker said...

Love your holiday shots - especially the Statue of Liberty one and you getting your backside pinched by the Deppster .... that is Johnny, right??

It looks like you're all having a brilliant time and I'm horribly jealous!


ps. And look at you - skinnie minnie - horriby jealous about that too!