Saturday, 2 August 2008

Tuesday 29th July

Our last full day in New York and time to finish off the to see list. Having now got the hang of the subway we hopped onto one to take us to the South of the Island which didn't turn out to be as simple as we had hoped but we did get there in the end. With a very small amount of queueing we got on the boat to Liberty Island to go and get a close up of the statue which we managed to do despite the intense heat even at 10.30am in the morning.

After a boat ride back to Manhattan we caught another subway which took us to Coney Island which is awful, it is the only time while we were in New York that I felt even slightly unsafe so we didn't stay long - just long enough to visit the Aquarium and for the boys to go on the roller coaster.

We returned to Manhattan and dropped the big camera off at the hotel, got some dinner and then headed off to go on "The Beast" which was fantastic. On your last night in New York what better thing could you do than go on a speed boat ride out to Liberty with pumping music and the sun almost setting - "Awesome"!!
After a bit of shopping we had time for a couple more shots before we went to bed.

Starbucks at 12:15am

See how close our hotel was to "Times Square".


Mima said...

Love the shot of the Statue of Liberty, not quite sure how you manage it, but your take on something that must have been taken loads of times before still brings something fresh to it! Not surprised that you let the boys go on the rollercoaster on their own, you wouldn't catch me on one of those things! Pity about Coney Island though.

Sue Nicholson said...

Found it . . . wanted to comment on this when I first read it . . . skinny . . . you look sooooo skinny :-)

Aw! I want to go back to NYC :-( Maybe one day :-)