Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bag Lady in a Crisis?

I've had a few days off from blogging as I have been too busy not being in work for the last 4 days. Saturday Pete wasn't too well so we just hung around waiting for the boys to get back from holiday and then I got some bits and pieces done around the place. On Sunday we went for a school shoe shopping / geocaching / sightseeing trip to Chester which turned out to be very successful. It even provided me with today's shot for HS:MS which is romantic. You have to promise not to laugh......

This is what Pete was looking at in the back of the tug boat that we hired so that the boys could drive us up the River Dee on a romantic cruise for our anniversary which was earlier in the week. The added bonus was the downpour and the shopping bag hat - you can see why Pete married me can't you ?!?!

We got off the boat and found a lovely little cafe bar along the water front where we scoffed down some scran before we headed for a spot of apple and blackberry picking. The proceeds of our foraging made this delicious cake this afternoon and believe it or not it is a Weight Watchers recipe which makes it taste even nicer and yes it is low fat custard too.

Tomorrow I am back in to work at 6.45am and then I am in at that time for the next 3 days which suits me just fine as it means that tomorrow afternoon I can go and share a coke (or 2) with Mima and Sue which will be lovely as we have not seen each other for ages.

And finally today I did something that I first wanted to do 20 years ago but just never got round to doing.......

Mid life crisis maybe???


Zoe said...

Ouch! That brings back memories :) L dosen't believe me that I once had an earring in my nose LOL.

Good on you - don't tell the OH but I've been fancying a tattoo!

Eleanor said...

So you make my cookies, I'll make your cake. Need structions tho.
And clotted cream.
Nice nose jobby.

SuzyB said...

How spooky is that?? Only today was I saying to Tara should I get my nose pierced! Looks very cool :o) x

Igotmebabe said...

Think your romantic shot is great and love the nose job :)

Cheyne said...

Did it hurt??

etteY said...

wow cool piercing! i'm not brave enough to do that to myself :( the cake looks scrumptious ^_~

Sue Nicholson said...

Too busy working!!!! ;-D

Hoping Pete is feeling better and looking forward to seeing you and your new "bald stud" later on today ;-)

LOL at your romantic shot . . . only you :-D :-D ;-D

Super cake . . . yum.

Bye for now . . . sue

Jenga said...

Ooh I LOVE your mid life crisis!!!!! I wants one!!!

Andrew said...

No crisis there, Rach - just confidence as you get older. I'm going to grow my hair long (always fancied a ponytail). Or at least I would if I wasn't going bald - guess you gotta have hair there in the first place!
PS all cake and custard is scientifically proven to absorb calories and remove body fat. The rumours going round that they can be bad for you is just the Fun Police spreading lies. Enjoy your cake!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hello, just passing by to see how you are. Know you are super busy etc.

May take you up on your offer to drive when we go over to Tr . . .! then my energy would be reserved for something that we can share with Mima.

Right . . . washer is bleeping!