Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Float my Boat

This was the joint highlight of our holiday this year it is the Whirlpool Jet ride at Niagara. This is really a must for any thrill seekers as it is FANTASTIC just don't do it if you don't want to get wet. I don't think I would fancy it in the Spring though as the water is supposed to be very very cold then and a whole load of it ends up on your lap - I didn't buy that picture as all you could see was the top of the cabin and a load of water. We are on the fifth row from the front , we don't have the yellow coats on as this was the 2nd time we had done this ride and we knew that they would be useless as you get wet regardless. So this is my picture for "Float" over on HSMS today.

After the ride we drove to the top of the cliffs to get a birdseye view of the river, rapids and the whirlpool and of course a picture of the boat we had been on.

So on to last weekend on Saturday we took the boys to Wincle in Derbyshire to go and catch us some fish. They got an impressive haul of 6 rainbow trout which are currently residing in our freezer ready to be eaten.

The boys loved it, all 3 of them they just weren't expecting to be given a "bishop" or was it a "priest" to use, I can't remember what it was called but it was something religious. Pete was the first one to give it a go and then Kyle stepped up and "did" the next 5 fish - even the one that I caught. Matt and I respectfully declined.

After a nice meal out at a Chinese restaurant we headed home for the cake and candles where I am surprised that Matt didn't spontaneously combust with all that hair next to those flames. I have tried, you wouldn't believe how hard, to get him to get his hair cut but he is having none of it. My new tactic is to tell him every day how good it looks and how much I like it - you never know it might work.


Rach said...

Fab pictures. LOL at the hair comment - or you could buy him some hair accessories if you really wanted to scare him into having his hair cut, but then he may go to the extreme and have his head shaved - bit cold this time of year!


Hazel said...

Wow! Fabulous photos - I wouldn't be brave enough to go on that boat.

Chris T said...

Looks like a great experience but one I would definitely give a miss.Great photo of your son blowing out the candles - caught it just right

Sue Nicholson said...

Posts like this take an age to put together don't they? But they really are worth it Rach :-) Loved reading through your "story".

And it's good to see some of your holiday photos coming out but the recent trout fishing is definitely a no-no for me!

Re boys hair, see my post from Sunday . . . I have the OPPOSITE problem! Wish he would grow it a little longer . . . just an inch all over would be good :-D

AND Have you ever seen Eleanor's "Heir to the Throne" slide show/photos. It records all her eldest sons haircuts and quite frankly it's one of the most amazing and interesting sets of photos I have ever seen. HIGHLY REC :-)

Bye for now . . . Sue :-)

Cheyne said...

Wow!! Definitely floating!

Happy b-day to your son!

maz said...

Er- isn't that why they have a wet fish counter in Tesco's- so you don't have to go through all of that?! Only kidding... great shot of the cake and candlelight. As for the jet boat- been there done that once, and never again! Super shots and memories though Rach.

Mima said...

That definitely floats, but now I have these images of 4 drowned rats coming off the other end!! There is no way that you would get me on there - way too scary for me.

Glad that the fishing went well, and I think it is a priest, although I have no idea why, but I can stand proudly and say yes I have used on, and on a trout that I caught myself - very proud of that!

It looks as if you had a wonderful day!!

Jenn said...

Great photos! Hope he had a happy birthday!

SuzyB said...

Amazing photos Rach and looks like you all had fun with fish lol.

Im with Rach, get him some nice bobbles and some hair clips with daisies on :o)

Shannon said...

Your site gave me a bit of trouble yesterday! Couldn't get to it. Gave me a heart attack!
Great float and I would be on that in a heartbeat!

Jenga said...

ROFPMSL about the reverse pshycology (sp???) I'll have to remember that one ;)

Bobs said...

Well, I love long hair on guys!

Cool 'Float' shots, but there's no way you'd get me on there! I get seasick just thinking about being on a boat!

Love the nose piercing, BTW. I've had mine done for around 18 years and I got tongue pierced around 11 years ago. Never, ever regretted it! :)