Friday, 10 December 2010


 Looks like I'm on a roll, long may it last is all I can say.  You never know I could be doing more than one post today.

Pete's appointment went OK yesterday, the news was mixed but nothing too bad.  He has to have an iron infusion which is good as he was starting to get symptomatic with the anaemia.  As far as I can understand the symptoms are worse when the blood count is actually dropping rather than when it is low.  This is because your body gets used to the low count.  The good news is that he is being given a new type of infusion.  Usually he would have CosmoFer or Venofer one of these is a day in hospital and the other is about 5 half days in hospital to get the full infusion.  This time Pete has to phone up to tell Lynn when he is available, he will be booked in, turn up and the infusion should take 20 minutes, which will make a huge difference to Pete.


Photographing Mom said...

Love that Santa! Glad things are working out for Pete!

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, love that you are "on a roll" :o)

Pete's news is great....hope the infusion goes well, what a difference time wise....he must be so relieved?

Am going to make some doughnut cupcakes today {sometime today anyway!} they look delicious....would love to create some of your other recipes too, they all look realy scrummy. Are you going to add anymore to Not a Size Zero?

Have a fab weekend.....


hello gorgeous xxx