Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I'm a bit behind with all this journalling and photography which is not really a great surprise.   My mouse is completely at fault here you understand, it keeps jittering and jumping all over the place.  I tried feeding it some new batteries but it wasn't having any of it so it's going to get replaced as soon as I get around to it.  I don't think it will be tonight though as my Amazon order arrived this morning so now we have "The A Team", "Inception", "Rush" and "The Sorcerers Apprentice" to watch.  "Inception" will be the film of choice tonight along with some popcorn and a nice mulled wine.

This is the second page of my Christmas Journal which has been adapted from last years failed attempt.  Click on it if you want to see it grow.


hello gorgeous said...

ooo Rach, let me know what Inception is thinking of ordering it on Sky Box Office ;o)

Love 2nd December!


hello gorgeous xxx

Chris T said...

Well you're doing better than me - I've done nothing this year yet except read some of the prompts!!!!!