Thursday, 9 December 2010


I'm still behind with this Journal Your Christmas but I'm still going. 

We watched "Inception" last night which I found confusing to start with and maybe a little slow I didn't mention it though as I thought Pete would laugh and tell me it was my age.  According to Pete most things are due to my age now, which is not bad going seeing as he's two years my senior.  I was so relieved at lunch time when we were walking the dogs and he mentioned that he had found it confusing and slow to start with.
Pete is at the hospital this afternoon for an appointment with his Kidney Consultant.  The appointment was booked for 3 something this afternoon and he phoned me at 5pm to say he was the next one in so he should be home shortly.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is no bad news.


Photographing Mom said...

What a cool page!! Fingers crossed here for good news!!

Moo Cow Crafts said...

I love this page.

We tried to watch Inception last night, I fell asleep! Will try again later.

All things crossed here too. x