Sunday, 20 April 2008

Yesterday was a good day even though it was busy. I got up to find an unexpected email from my Aunt Carolyn (the one we are visiting in Canada in the summer) from China of all places. Carolyn is currently over there visiting different Universities and checking out their teaching methods, she then returns to Canada to go straight out to Arizona with 20 students to do a 10 day field trip and then as far as I know they are going off to Australia with work for a while before we arrive at their place in the summer. Well anyway I digress, after getting the email which answered a few of our questions we decided to book the other half of our summer jaunt. The flights from Toronto to NY are now booked as is the 4 night stay in a hotel next to Central Park, the New York City Passes and the trip up the Rock, needless to say my Visa did a bit of groaning yesterday!
After the excitement of booking all of that we took ourselves off to Chester for a couple of hours to spend even more money so when I got a phone call from my boss asking if I could go in a couple of hours early I jumped at the chance.
Today I have no idea what we are going to do as the weather is pretty grim, revision is definetly on the list but the rest I will have to make up as I go along.


Mima said...

How exciting to have everything booked, brings it a whole lot closer, and nice to hear from Carolyn, sounds as if they are having a busy time at the moment!

Good luck with the revision!

SuzyB said...

Ooh definitely exciting booking stuff! Whatever you decide to do today, I hope you enjoy it x

PS thanks for the tip on the camera, you are my camera guru x

Sue Nicholson said...

Pray . . . . for a morning Doctors appointment for Josh!!

Last night bit lip. Today lip swell with a cold sore. Shows me at 4pm, (don't ask somehow he keeps his head to one side so i only get a view of his "good" side :-D LOL You have to laugh :-)

Anyway, he gets cold sores and generally we can treat them BUT this time the "bite" has definitely caused a "bit of a problem" :-D Excuse the pun!

Here's hoping to get him sorted in the am and see you in the pm, (LOL that's very American am/pm)

Holidays looking good . . . I want to go again!

Take Care . . . Sue

Sue Nicholson said...

Doc can see Joshua before afternoon surgery starts. He is not an emergency and now all "emergency" morning appointments have been taken. Just got the call back :-(

His lip is quite "bad" and I am sure it's both a cold sore and infection :-(

I am sooo sorry . . . am I meant to get to see you and Mima this month? Feel like I am working against it at the moment.

Ah, well, keep positive and try again! We will get there . . . soon!