Thursday, 24 April 2008

Up and at 'em...

....barely. Yesterday I did a nine hour shift from 7am - 4pm and 5 of those hours were physical work hoicking pallets around and depositing the contents in various places. To be honest that is the side of the job that I love as I am getting paid to do a really vigorous workout which is doing what I intended it to do as I have lost 14lbs since I started the job 6 weeks ago.
The Wii fit still hasn't turned up but that could have something to do with me not reading the email properly the first time as the damn thing isn't released until tomorrow so that is when it is arriving. Luckily after my shift today I am off for 3 days so plenty of time to play. It would be nice if it arrived in the morning so that I could have it all to myself until the boys get home from school.
Got to stay awake tonight after work as my bestest ever programme is on again - HEROES! Totally can't wait.
I may be back later with a HS:MS prompt but at the moment it has not been posted so no can do.


Rach said...

14lbs - OMG that's fab. I could do with a job like that! Good news about the money.

Love Heroes too - but already seen this series - will have to watch it again tho, just for the (male) eye candy - just thought I should clarify! LOL - have a good day xx

Mima said...

Its excitement night for me tonight as well - new House, and you know how mad I am about him!! So glad to hear that the money turned up, and even gladder to hear that it was not your fault.

What a shift - I don't remember you saying you had one that long, did they ask for extra hours, I am amazed that you are able to move on a "the aches and pains are always worst the next day" basis! The weight loss is brilliant, it is really falling off now, forget dieting, its pallets that do it!!

Zoe said...

Wow - maybe we should all work there if that's what it does!

Glad the till got sorted, a relief I bet. Even when you know it's not your fault you can't help feeling guilty.

Never watched Heros maybe I'll give it try later, make a change from decorating anyway!! :)

Anonymous said...

No spilling about Heroes!! We're recording it and will watch it at the weekend :o)

Congratulations on your weight loss! What a damn shame I can't do the same job to lose some of my weight - but hey, I get a 3 hour lie down every day LOL

Monkee Maker said...

Oh my God!! 14lbs?? Once that Wii Fit arrives you'll be wasting away girl!!

Sounds like your two would've had a fab day at school ... bet they wish every day could be like that!

I haven't seen Heroes but my colleague has the hots for Peter Petrelli(?) apparently. And David Tennant. And Tom Cruise. The girls a man-eater!


Shannon said...

14lbs is fab Rach!! Loose some for me too! Good thing about the money!
We own Heroes first season on DVD! I get to watch it anything we want! Love it. Need my coffee! Later!