Sunday, 13 April 2008

Nothing Much Happening.

That just about describes today. We did go for an interestingish dog walk this morning in some steep woods with a stream at the bottom. I say walk it was more of a slip and a slide and it had us laughing more than once. At the end of the woods is a geocaching site which we have searched 3 times now and we have still haven't found it, maybe next time.
Yesterday afternoon I morphed into Evil Mum and declared it revision time. Kyle just got on with it and was finished after an hour. Matthew dragged it on and on it took him over an hour to write 6 lines of notes on rainforest's, which mostly didn't make sense and then he sulked later on when I told him he had to do more. I have more fun planned for him tonight. The Wii has been unplugged and hidden as has his laptop and the keyboard off his desk top, they don't have TV's in their rooms so that won't be a problem. He gets everything back when he has done his revision to my satisfaction. Muuuhahaha


Mima said...

Evil Mum gets her way, sounds as if you have thought about this! Hope all went as planned & the revision got done.

Sue Nicholson said...

I was the Evil Witch Mother yesterday too! Spent 90 mins going through stuff with Joshau and Ian deciding where I could help!

Please tell me why the subjects Joshua needs help with are the same one I HATE!!!!

Sue . . . Our kids will thank us one day :-D