Friday, 18 April 2008

Oops A Daisy.

Not had what you would call a brilliant day. I was in work from 7am - 3pm today, which is the one day a month when I get a stonking headache, nausea, the shakes, stomach cramps, a bad case of dropsy and the need for frequent toilet breaks - lovely stuff. I am amazed that nothing went wrong for me until this afternoon, I thought it would be about 7.30am when I got the first breakage but I shocked myself and lasted until 2.30pm. It started with a full pallet of beer that I couldn't manoeuvre into it's little space so I thought "I know brute force and ignorance will do the trick" so I yanked - hard. This is when 8 cans of beer flew off, one of which exploded on impact with the ground. I quickly mopped this up and took the remaining 7 dented cans into the warehouse to deposit them in the bin. Upon turning round to come back out I knocked 48 glass jars of Anti Pasta onto the floor from about waist height, how only 1 of them smashed I will never know. After 47 of them were safely returned from whence they came I picked up the broken one and threw it in the bin, unfortunately for me it landed on top of the cans of beer which exploded in turn all over me leaving me dripping wet and smelling like a brewery! I now remember why I usually hide away and spend this day in bed every month. The upside to this is that it only ever lasts one day so tomorrow I should be safe to be around again.
So there is no photo from me today as I really don't want to risk the health of my camera so it is staying safely tucked away in it's padded bag.


Anonymous said...

I'm not really laughing - just smiling :o)

Hope you have a nice, relaxing evening!

Sue Nicholson said...

Sorry . . . that wasn't me you could hear laughing!

Honestly Rach what a set of mishaps, putting it mildy :-)

Hope that you have a far far better day tomorrow and looking forward to Monday very much :-)

Bye for now . . . Sue

Zoe said...

Oops - sounds like one of 'those' days!! Hope it gets better!!

Thanks for your comments - it's easy to forget sometimes that there are others who've been or are going through the same 'stuff'. Thank you xxx

JACKIE M said...

Aw Rach you really had a day of it ( Sorry bit I did have a little laugh reading it ) You were probably right to leave your camera where it was =0)

Mima said...

I have to admit, like the others, I did have a quick giggle. What an awful day, thankfully by now it is over, and hopefully you are having a better weekend. It hasn't been raining even if it doesn't look too hot, so I wonder if you have been geocaching today!

Jenga said...

Oh hugs hun!!!! What a nasty day