Thursday, 13 December 2007

Just a quicky from me today as things are a bit hectic round here at the moment. Kyle is off school today as I had to get him an emergency appointment at the dentist as he had the start of what looked like an abscess. I was expecting some antibiotics to be administered but instead the dentist decided to whip the tooth out instead. Kyle is currently curled up on the settee in his dressing gown feeling sorry for himself and demanding soup.

I have missed out on a few HS:MS prompts this week but here is my photo for today's prompt which is teddy. This little guy is just about to get bunged on to a Christmas card. A few more busy days ahead and then hopefully I should be organised and back to normal ready for Christmas.
To be fair I did plan to take a picture yesterday but Matthew came home and told me that he had had his shoe laces stolen in school!! How on earth can you get your laces stolen whilst you are wearing them? That just shows you how slow my eldest son moves. Apparantly the girl is going to give them back to him today !!


Bambi said...

awww, he's cute!

Louise Woolford. said...

Aww i love these bears, they look great in white as polar bears. Fab photo

Louise said...

awwwww, poor Kyle... just proves what I always knew... all dentists are EVIL!!! Hope he feels better really soon.
Love the bear shot

Bobs said...

OMG, poor Kyle. Did you know that it's impossible to numb an abscessed tooth???

Love the teddy!

Caz said...

The teddy is sooo cute and will look fab on a card. Poor Kyle...trip to the dentist and having a girk nick your laces....not a good week for him.

Mima said...

Good to see you back, and looking forward to seeing you!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot of that bear - super cute! Funny story about the laces - same thing happened to my son...I have to say no one EVER even touched my laces when I was in school. What's up with kids nowadays?!

Hazel said...

Lovely teddy and beautiful frosty. Poor Kyle - hope he feels better soon.

SuzyB said...

Aww poor Kyle!

I do like your little bear, he looks so jolly :o)

etteY said...

what a cute teddy! poor Kyle :( LOL on Matthew's laces!