Saturday, 22 December 2007

Ah Ah I've done it at last!!

I have eventually got round to spending some time messing with my photos on blogger and you can now click on them to see an enlargement. Woo Hoo. Just got to find something to upload now seeing as HS:MS is on holiday until January 3rd.

I spent some time with Mima this afternoon which was lovely and got to meet her Mum and Sister which was an added bonus. They both seem really nice and are both very friendly and like Mima her sister is sickeningly pretty. I even tried some of Mima's pretend diet coke and it's not too bad at all, you'd soon get used to it. One of the reasons I went round when I did was to get away from temptation because I had just made Nigella's Rocky Road biscuit bars and our house smelt of chocolate. It didn't help though as Rose (Mima's carer) bought me 3 chocolate bar biscuit things with my diet coke, but I resisted temptation and only ate one. Talking about this I have just thought what today's photo could be - back in a minute.

Mmmmm is about all I can say about these. The pink bit is mini marshmallow and the other bits are rich tea biscuits - they are too die for. I've just fought through the masses in Asda to go and buy some more cooking chocolate so I can make another 2 lots of these. I wouldn't normally dash out just for that but the chocolate was half price Organic, Fair Trade chocolate so I wanted to make sure I got it while it was available. Mima and Rose you'd better watch out because you are going to be subjected to my baking next time I see you!


125g soft butter
300g best quality dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa solids) broken into pieces
I used half dark and half milk chocolate as I find it a bit bitter with just dark.
3 x 15ml tbsps golden syrup
200g Rich Tea biscuits
100g Mini Marshmallows
2 tsps icing sugar

Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a saucepan. Scoop out about 125ml of the melted mixture and set aside.

Put the biscuits in a freezer bag, pretend they are someone you don't like and then bash them with a rolling pin. You are aiming for both crumbs and pieces of biscuits.

Fold the bashed up mess into the mixture in the saucepan and then add the marshmallows.

Tip into a foil tray (24cm square); flatten as best you can with a spatula. I used a normal baking tray lined with foil. Pour the other 125ml of melted chocolate over the top and smooth the surface.

Now for the hard bit - refrigerate for about 2 hours or overnight if you can resist that long. You can always go out like I did!!

Cut into 24 pieces and dust with icing sugar through a sieve.



Mima said...

It was great to see you, and I look forward to sampling your baking, it looks fantastic!

SuzyB said...

Erm how tasty do they look???

Great shot of them too, but erm, where is the SPS? x

Shannon said...

Thanks for the recipe now I have to figure out how to convert it! lol Oh, well! I'll figure it out! Those do lok good. Maybe I'll do it on Monday. Good treat for Santa. Hey what is crimbo?
No SPS for me either but it will be ther tomorrow as it is part of my two.

Louise Woolford. said...

Wow how yummy do they look, I think I may make some to take to my mother-in-laws on christmas day.

Merry Christmas Rachel :D

sharon said...

yum yum..any left?.x

etteY said...

Merry Christmas Rachael!!! thanks for leaving some luv in my blog!! great shot! loooooook yummy too!!!

see ya!

Ettey xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

I've just found your blog and I'm so glad I did, this recipe sounds absolutely yummy! I must try it soon, thanks for posting the recipe.
Love Alison x

Hazel said...

Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Christmas

Mima said...

Just popping in to say that I hope you had a fantastic day, and happy times.