Sunday, 30 December 2007

Funky Gogs

I've been meaning to blog my boots for a while but never had a reason. We went for a nice long dog walk this morning so I took the opportunity to take a shot of them to use for my 50 Winter Pictures.

I'm not going to blog about all 50 pictures so I have created a slide show thingy to the left which I will update as and when. My Nintendo is now working properly as it's telling my brain age is 36 (it was 28 yesterday) but the Wii is still lying and telling me I am in my 50's, I feel some baseball practise coming on tonight after a good old fashioned family game of rummikub with no power leads required. ** See Mima, I'm practising ready for next week **

I got on the scales this morning, which was a mistake, and nearly had a heart attack there and then. There is no point what so ever putting it off any longer so I am now officially on a weight watchers online diet - again. Breakfast this morning was a banana and for lunch I made some homemade butternut squash and chilli soup which is delish, easy to make and as an added bonus is a no pointer. The extra added bonus is that it can also be used for the soup prompt!!

Happy New Year to everyone - just in case can't be bothered to blog again before Tuesday.


SuzyB said...

Smashing boots Rach, still havent worn mine despite making such a fuss about them not arriving for ages.

You and me both on the WW diet - am even going to look into joining a gym although my cousin tells me just to buy a Wii as its just as good, any comments on that for me?

Am surprised you're not allowed to watch Charmed, I mean the breastage in that beats Ghost Whisperer hands down, does Pete know that?? :o)

Mima said...

Loving the boots, they look great - and really looking forward to learning Rummikub - it looks great, just a little complicated for two total novices on their own!! If you get too much practice in you will win every game hands down, so at least give us a chance!

Good luck with the WW diet, is it fairly easy to follow?

The soup pic is great, yet again you have got the shot spot on, interest, focus, and a lovely angle. So looking forward to you doing the OU course, I think you will really enjoy it!