Friday, 28 December 2007

I must have been .....

....a good girl as Father Christmas bought be one of these from my other half. By the looks of the bottom screen it's a good job I put the screen protectors on it straight away! Benj Beecherling had better watch out as he now has some competition in the Nintendo Nerd stakes but I am afraid I only play mine whilst fully clothed so there will be no Nintendo porn on this site.

It's just a shame that it doesn't seem to be working properly. It keeps telling me that my brain is 81 years old which can't be right so I think I might need to exchange it. It could be a console virus that we have picked up as the Wii keeps telling me that I have the fitness level of a 76 year old much to Kyle's glee. Not that he will be feeling gleeful for long after he gets home tonight. I have just taken him to meet his girlfriend Vicky and as we got closer to the drop off point he told me that I wasn't to make eye contact with her!! It seems I am OK to meet his mates but not his girlfriend so I pulled him up on this. Apparently my loving youngest son has told his mates that I am retarded and seeing a mental doctor so that he has a reason as to why I am so embarrassing.

Last but not least here's a picture of my beautiful niece that I took on Boxing Day. Looks like I could be doing the 50 Winter photo challenge as these pictures cover pink and blue - only another 48 to do.


SuzyB said...

LMAO Nintendo Porn!! I bet there's a least one website that will cover that if you looked!

Benj is currently glued to Mario basketball but Im hopeful if I get brain training that Betty will lend me hers.

Naughty Kyle! Christmas fairy should confiscate all his pressies for that one LOL

Gorgeous photo of niece and yes! do the 50 photos challenge with me!

sharon said...

Merry Christmas Rach, hope you had a good

Mima said...

Got back today, love the photo of your niece, and I'm sure with some practice that your brain age will improve!

etteY said...

oh my look at her eyes!!! sooo gorgeous!!

Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

Yes I have a bloody manchester mug, but it is not like I can run out and get me a liverppool mug just down the street. I am not choosing sides just putting my wares out there. I do have a Lodon mug if that makes things better.
No there is nothing wrong with your DS or your Wii. We just suffer from motherhood.
Don't you know that when your child hits 13 yr old you end up with the horrid disease of retard? Geesh thought every mother knew that! I just live it up. Tell your son he has it good. Mine got a poor grade in a subject and I went to school, waitedoutside his first class and when he came out I grabbed his hand and walked him to his next class. Than I kissed and hugged him with all his friends watching. Told him if the grades didn't come up I would do this everyday till they did. We have good grades now.