Sunday, 9 October 2011


I'm feeling pretty smug at the moment as I have learnt how to make granny squares with some patient guidance from Anita via Skype and a HUGE crochet hook.  I started trying to learn about 2 years ago and all my crochet bits and bobs have sat in a sad, abandoned Asda carrier bag, next to the sofa, ever since.  But no more!

Now I am a master of crochet and have 2 nearly finished granny squares under my belt.  Yesterday, I could wait no longer and had to go and buy these bad boys to attempt a poof blankie with.  At a rough guess the after shots will be sometime in the long and distant future as I am still painfully slow and have a tendency to get rather tangled in the yarn.

To finish with I will share a wonderfully grimacy shot of myself showing off my new short, but not as short as I want it, haircut.


hello gorgeous said...

pop up enabled....hopefully you are reading this too! ;o) xxx

Bobs said...

Well done on the granny squares - they look great!! :-)
LOVE the haircut!