Monday, 10 October 2011


Over on PInterest a while ago I saw a link for a picture that I thought was rather cute.  I had a broken game of upwords ready to be sold for spares, binned or crafted with so I got to work and made myself a picture for my living room.

I like it even if I do say so myself but there is no surprise that Kyle thinks it's "gay". 

This afternoon I have caught up on "Downton Abbey" from last night.  I don't get to watch it on a Sunday evening as the male members of the household would not been seen dead watching it.  So on a Monday afternoon I get to curl up on the sofa and play catchup and I Love it!

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Nicole Maki said...

This is wonderful, Rach. I haven't seen it done quite like this before and now I'm itching to make one too.

Love it.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, us moms with all boy households seem to "get" the different issues we have.