Monday, 20 October 2008

Sunsets & Smiles

Well I suppose I will start this post with my picture for today's prompt on HSMSHS which is "Set". After spending a wonderful couple of days away in a fantastic place the only possible picture I could use is one of the amazing sunset we saw on the first night which believe it or not is taken from Mima's bedroom window and is totally unedited.

I was of course away for a girly couple of nights with these two lovelies.

Where we did some of this

lots of this

and Sue and I went out to do this which included making fools out of ourselves in front of the local fisher folk.

and this last one is just because it is a lovely picture of her.

And look at that I have not posted any pictures of certain people who shall remain nameless in silly party hats - yet!


Jenga said...

Lovely pictures - looks like you had some good quality time :)

SuzyB said...

Lovely shots Rach, and looky how well Sue wears a scarf! See I knew she was a lady all along.

Looks like you had a fun time x

Mima said...

Rach some really wonderful shots, especially love Sue in her scarf - it really is wonderful. Sheena is looking forward to the photo of her in the hat, but please save me from silly photos!! It really was such a wonderful weekend. Good memories for a long time to come.

Sue Nicholson said...

Set is amazing. Mine is dire. I loved that Mima shared this sunset with us . . . it was so beautiful :-)

Aw . . . the others are super too.

I usually only appear in "posed" shots and so I was initially taken aback with these natural ones BUT the true pleasure oozes from these photos showing exactly what an amazing timne that we had.

Love them :-)

Hats . . . you got hats . . . well so have I !!!!!!!

Want to do a layout of me at the top of the hill then climbing down the rocks! I NEVER have so many shots of me to work with that tell a story. Won't be doing it yet, doing the letters BUT if I shout will you put the shots on flickr for me? Ta!

It was a wonderful "weekend" . . . great memories.


Bobs said...

Ooooh - how did I manage to miss these????

You look like you had a real fun-filled time together!


Chris T said...

Looks like a great weekend. Lovely shots & very jealous of your "set"

Brad said...

Hello Rach, I found you via Mima's blog. Thanks for the pictures. I'm glad you three had a short holiday. However, I was told there would be party hats. Hmm. I'll have to check back.

waiting eagerly...