Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Tonight I am a happy bunny as we have a floor once again and the house has stopped smelling like an allotment. I would take a picture but it is dark so I will leave that until the morning. Now that we have something to stand on again the walls are waiting for me to strip them ready for our rather nice friend to come a plaster the whole room for us next Monday - he is a gem and half believe me.
There was a huge amount of excitement here last night when Pete ventured in to the allotment to wire in some new plug sockets and came out with a baby great crested newt which had made its home under our floorboards ready for the winter. The cute little guy got fussed over for a while before he got put back in his little hidey hole (before I could find the camera). It's nice to know that the great crested newts that live in the garden are healthy and breeding as we don't see them very often.
I have been trying to think of something to photograph for "Welcome" all day today but have come up with zilch, Nada, nothing. This could be due to the fact that nobody is welcome at my house at the moment as it is a complete tip and I so wanted to join in HSMSHS today, never mind I will just have to try again tomorrow.
Last night we watched .....

Not a brilliant film but very watchable as Nicole is very believable in it and Daniel is rather dashing. Very much like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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Mima said...

Ok, managed to get myself set up with internet access, but still no emails, so thought I would come and check in. Pity about the pic of the newt, I have only seen a newt once, so it would have been very cool! Glad to hear that the floor is finished, and I hope that your long shift went well. See you tomorrow!!