Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pink or Not?

Over the next few weeks as I am going to busier than usual due to a rash decision that we made at the weekend while we were having a lazy day in Chester. For some reason we decided to go and have a wander round the sofa shops and ended up ordering this little beauty to go in our winter living room. We ordered the poof thingy in the plain grey material and my plan is to make some bright covers for some of the cushions. The first colour that came to mind was bright pink but I don't think I will get away with that living with 3 men so I have now narrowed it down to lime green, dark red or orange, the problem is my gut is still telling me to go pink.

So instead of the 12 weeks that I thought it would take for this sofa to arrive at we are now left with only 3 weeks to rip up the laminate floor, replace the rotten floorboards and beams, strip the walls, re wallpaper, paint and get a carpet fitted before it arrives. All this on top of me going away for a girly few days with Mima and Sue, having a plumber in to fit a new boiler which will take 3 days, school holidays, my step sister visiting with her 4 year old and 2 year old for a few days, work and college work. Hmmm not sure how this is going to work but I am sure I will make it, somehow. Just to make things a little more complicated I am picking up Pete's new medication tomorrow ready for him to start taking tomorrow night. Apparently it may make him feel really ill but unless he is actually sick or gets bad pains in his pancreas (not sure how he will know that's what is hurting) he has to ride it out until it eventually stops. Which means that he may not be a lot of use over the next few weeks - how well timed is that?


That's it from me for now as I have to go and watch Heroes as I am finding it difficult typing and reading subtitles at the same time.


SuzyB said...

Ooh now theres very swish indeed. I agree, I think pink would look stunning :o) x

Jenga said...

Just a bit busy then???!!!??? Good luck!!

My blog has gone invite only. Send your email address to if you still want to read hun xx

Sue Nicholson said...

Great idea to split :-) Same :-)

Because you have Lots of Time :-) you could take the photo in to Photoshop and colour to cushions. This will give the guys an idea of what you mean.

I'd go pink too. It will warm up the grey on the dark winter nights and amke you feel cozy :-)

Gosh, Rach you have a lot going on . . . Kudos :-)

Bye for now . . . Sue loving Heroes and watched episode 2 today from E4 . . . scary and soooo good :-)

Good luck to Pete. Sincerely hope he's the one in "x" that doesn't get the side effects.

Mima said...

Hope that Pete is doing ok with the new meds, and that the side effects aren't too bad. Very much looking forward to our few days!