Thursday, 30 October 2008

Today ......

......I have been looking all day for a "structure" to take a picture of for HSMSHS but I have drawn a blank so it will just have to be an old picture, bet you can't guess where it is from.

Look at the boys faces, see how miserable they are. The heat was unbearable and I don't think that they were impressed with me insisting that we walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We didn't get far in the end as we all got too hot and gave up before we were even over the water, even so it it a pretty impressive structure.
Today I have been warm, today I have a boiler that works, hot water, heating, gas and a huge new sofa to sit and enjoy, bliss, total bliss.

Today I got a new lamp.

Today I put hooks up so that a could put tie backs on my fabulously tactile curtains.

Today Kyle and I took the dogs for a walk and I wore the hat I bought in Ottawa at the Byward Market. The last time I had it on my head it was about 30c and I was glad to take it off, today I couldn't wait to put it on.
Today, Kyle and I played along with Amanda Magpies "What the cook" now you have to understand we are about 5 recipes behind with this but in our defence we have had a plumber camping out in our kitchen for most of the week. I did intend to take a picture of all the cakes in their full glory but I was a little late with that thought and this was all that was left, apart from 3 that are tucked safely in a box waiting for Kyle to take them to Mima's.
Tomorrow is another day.


Eleanor said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you are such a hat girl, so chic, and good Lord you look younger every time I see you.
Adore the lamp.
In love with the curtains.
And I think I'd probably want to sleep with the sofa, except I can't see it anywhere, hang on,is that it basking in the glory of the lamp? Need a bigger picture please.

Jenga said...

Gorgeous hat!! You look so *cute* in it ;)

Love the look of those cakes too!!


SuzyB said...

Crikey youve had a productive day havent you!

And you played along with what the cook, fantastic!!

How cute do you look in your hat!

Cheyne said...

Love the lamp, the hat, and the structure, too!

Bobs said...

You really do know how to wear a hat, Rach!! I just look plain silly!
I'd love to see the Brooklyn Bridge - it's such an iconic structure.
Love the lamp and the curtains.

Have a great weekend.


Mima said...

Great to see you all today, the boys were just wonderful, you should be so proud of them. I forgot to say next time let them know that it is ok to ask silly questions - lots of people have them and it is no problem answering them! Looking forward to my cupcake too, Rose and Sheena really weren't waiting, they scoffed theirs as soon as you were out the door!!

And as for the living room, love the lamp - my Mum has one that is similar but smaller, and they throw a really nice light. The curtains ...... wow, can't wait to see the material in the flesh so to speak! They are furry!! Love it (or them).