Sunday, 30 January 2011


I got a wonderful surprise in my emails this morning from my Dad's cousin Gail which contained some photographs that I didn't even know existed.  I have very few photographs of my paternal Grandma as she died just two years before I was born.  My Grandmother Violets brother Alan was a very keen photographer and my Dad remembers him using the Anderson Shelter in the back yard as a dark room before he used the cupboard at the top of the stairs.  Uncle Alan emigrated to New Zealand when my Dad was young and then moved to Australia with his wife Joan and children Gail and Paul so we never knew about the photographs.  I got in touch with Gail via Uncle Alan via facebook last year and our friendship has grown.  Unfortunately Uncle Alan died a couple of weeks ago aged 80 and peacefully in his sleep at home.

As far as my Dad remembers these photos were taken at Whitley Bay on a Sunday School outing in the early 1950's.

This is the only picture I have seen with My Grandparents and my Dad together.  The lady on the right is Aunt Joan who was married to Uncle Alan.

I love how Grandpa is sat on the beach in a suit and tie.

This has got to be one of my favourites of my Grandma leap frogging Aunty Joan.

This picture of my Dad reading his comic reminds me of my youngest son Kyle minus the dashing tank top of course.


Bobs said...

Oh I love these!!! And what a fabulous surprise for you. :-)
You and your boys really look like your dad.

Wonderful pics!


Michelle said...

How lovely! I agree with Bobs, wow... so alike :)

Mima said...

Sorry I'm late to this Rach, but what gorgeous pics, your Dad does look like Kyle, how nice to have pics like this, LOL at the suit & tie on the beach!!!