Tuesday, 4 January 2011


.... is my word of choice for 2011.  I am going to try and achieve or create something every day this year. Today it hasn't been easy as I have had a headache all day and it seems that my long past back problems are resurfacing a sure sign that I need to get busy and loose some weight.  I did manage to sort out our new desk that we got for our backup computer and have a good sort out of my stash which in turn has got me itching to create something.


I love this lamp it has a lovely soft glow which I couldn't photograph with my phone.  It has been sat in the Front Living Room for ever where no one ever sits so it is now next to the computer in the Dining Room which we go into frequently through the day and then all sit down in to eat our evening meal in every night.


Yesterday after sitting and scanning old photos for what seemed like an age we went for a walk along the Whitegate Way returning across the Golf Course.  Kyle as usual did not cooperate.


Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful lamp, Rach!

Kerry said...

lol @ Kyle. Jack is exactly the same.

I love the lamp. Nice that you can finally appreciate it.

Michelle said...

Cool pics! The lamp is lush!