Tuesday, 21 August 2007

HS:MS - Wet

Covered or saturated with water.

Bit of a cheat today I am afraid I do have a good excuse or two though. I took this a couple of months back when we went on the canal. I love this photo of my Dad *waves to Dad* . Kyle definitely ended up wet as Dad progressed on to cups of water.

I had the girls all day yesterday and they stayed for tea as their Mum and Dad had to wait for 4 hours before he got the MRI scan. My friend was asked to attend as they couldn't spare a nurse to wait with him. We had great fun though as I took all the kids to the local pet place and we all got to hold Charlotte the Tarantula which made the girls day. Don't think their Mum's too happy as they now want a pet one! Their Dad's brain operation started at noon today and it should take about 4 hours so I keep popping across to check they are all OK I think I may go and sit with her later so that she has some company while she waits. Pete and I are taking all the kids to see "The Simpson's" tomorrow night while she goes to visit him in the high dependency unit so we are looking forward to that.

It's Pete's birthday today, he's the grand old age of 39 so we are celebrating with a takeaway tonight, we know how to celebrate in style here. To be honest I don't think we feel like doing much else today and we wanted to make sure the girls can come across if they need to. We have our anniversary to look forward to on Saturday so we can try and do something then if we can.
As a quick add on to yesterday my hosta stays so slug free because it is planted in the middle of a gravel patio so the slugs and snails won't venture near it.


Looby said...

great wet pic -looks like lots of fun!!

Lin said...

Great pics. Not so sure about the tarantulas though, lol!

Happy birthday to Pete!! Oh to be 39 again, lol!!

I emailed you, but am concerned I may not have got the addy right. If you don't get the mail soon could you let me know please?

Fingers crossed for the op.


Anna said...

Your canal trip looked like fun. Sending you and your family hugs. I hope your Dad's operation goes well.

Vanda said...

Love the canal boat shot, fab! Happy Birthday Pete, hope you have a great day together :O) Thanks for the tip on the hostas :O) xXx

Hope your friends hubby is OK X

SuzyB said...

Definitely looks like a fun trip! Happy birthday Pete!
Hope the operation went well for your friends hubby xx

Joshua said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I like your picture, I've never been on a barge before.


Eleanor said...

Lol at the 2 of them, grown men are such boys aren't they?
Happy B'day Pete, and Happy Anniv for Sat (ours is Thurs, 24yrs, yikes)

Olivia said...

Happy birthday Pete!
That's a really fun photo for wet!

Louise said...

great memories of your dad and ds... and OMG that spider is huge!!! Very brave, you wouldn't have seen me for dust!!!

Debbie said...

cool water pic but that spider is freaking me out!!

Hazel said...

Great photos! (love the plant from yesterday too)

etteY said...

that's a sweet wet pic ;)

happy birthday to your darling Pete and happy early anniversary to the both of you, may all your dreams come true :D