Wednesday, 22 August 2007

HS:MS - Friend

A person you know particularly well.

This prompt had me rolling about laughing in the garden at 7.30 this morning, the neighbours must be thinking we have finally gone barking mad! I have a slight lack of friends to take pictures of today (everyone say Ahhhh) as they are either on holiday, live miles away or are in hospital so I took this picture of my best friend instead.
This was the second attempt, on the first attempt he behaved like a girl shouting "It's sunny, it's sunny, it's really, REALLY sunny" and shutting his eyes. We'll gloss over the fact that I hadn't put the memory card in either.
So on the second attempt he got into position in the sun and shut his eyes tight, instructing me to say go when I was ready. The result as you can see is, well, how can I put it ... scary. And just to think I married it.
The new lens worked well though!
I'm not sure what happened in our friends operation yesterday as when I saw Ang she was rushing off to the hospital and the girls were with us so she wasn't saying much. I do know that he had told the nurse, that phoned, to say "Hi" to her, so at least that bit of the battle is over and done with now.


etteY said...

aww so sweet! and nice camera! i want to have one like yours but too expensive :P

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

LOL! I wondered why he had such an, erm 'unique' expression. Good thing I don't have to take the memory card out to transfer photos as I'd never remember to put it back in!

Hazel said...

Such a special friend. I know what you mean about forgetting to put the memory card in! Hope your friend in hospital makes a good recovery.

Anna said...

Great photo. That's the sort of thing my DH would do.

Think I got a bit confused yesterday. I read it as your Dad having an op - sorry. I hope it all went well for your friends.

Debbie said...

so sweet - its a fab photo!

Ruth said...

Fun picture of your best friend. Love it.

Brigitta said...

wow, you take great pictures!!! the one of the dead fly is absolutely stunning (and gross LOL)

Anonymous said...

We were thinking alike today! Great photo.

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi! Firstly thanks for your comments :)

And it took me 14 goes to get those ******* ripples!!

7.30! Hells Bells! What on earth were you doing up at that hour during the holidays :)

But hey nice photo & glad he is looking better. 39 I can give him 10 years and no I am not looking forward to next year either :)

Hope things are improving for your friend.

Bye for now . . . Sue

Caz said...

aaaawwww, how lovely! Great shot

SuzyB said...

LOL great story behind the photo :o) xx

Chantua said...

Great pic, love the story that goes with it.

Diana said...

Love the story and such an mmm unusual shot LOL. Di X

Angela said...

Aww, thats nice. My hubby is my friend too. What a star he is helping you out for your photo so early in the morning.