Saturday, 18 August 2007

HS:MS - Fly

To move through the air.

Or not as the case may be. I found this prompt really difficult today, honestly I did try really hard and I had lots of ideas.

1. Kites - on holiday with the kids.

2. Plane trails in the sky - yeah right, in this weather ?

3. Flags - looked every where in Chester and not a one was flying today.

4. Hot Air Balloon - No chance.

5. Birds - Seem to have abandoned our garden when I need them.

6. A live insect actually flying - raining again so I'm not kneeling down in the garden for hours.

7. Trouser Fly - Fiona beat me to it.
So as you can see a really did try before I had to resort to the only thing I could find which was a dead fly on my windowsill. If you look at the picture upside down it sort of looks like it could be flying ish!

We've had a pretty good day to today as we went to Chester this morning to get a lens cap for the camera from the London Camera Exchange. When we were in there I bought Pete (us) a new lens for the camera for his birthday. It's a prime lens 50mm f1.8 and it's fantastic. I can't wait for his birthday next week so that I can use it. Some serious shopping in "Fat Face" was then called for as there was a half price sale. We then called at the reptile place on the way home and bought Matt a rough green snake for his birthday which we pick up tomorrow when he gets back of his hols.

Thanks to Angela who has nominated me for the nice matters award.

I will nominate Pete for letting me use his new lens (even though he doesn't know it yet).



Hazel said...

Great photo - we can use our imagination for 'fly'!

MaaikeV said...

aaw poor fly :)
great shot
the sign in my picture says :
life endangering!!
strictley illegal to enter the runway

Sue Nicholson said...

I confess I did look on my windowsills to see if we had one too :) Fortunately we didn't as your photo is way better than mine would ever be.

Chester. My Mum's home town and I lived there for many years.

Bye for now Sue

Olivia said...

Oh wow! You can see so much detail on the fly. It's great!

SuzyB said...

I think you need to have a sign saying 'no flies were harmed in the making of this photo' LOL!

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

Can't say I like your subject matter much Rach, but that is one heck of a stunning photograph! Excellent!

Lin xx
PS< How is Pete now?

Debbie said...

ewww icky fly!! LOL great shot though!

Kaz said...

LOL I love your take on the theme!!What a brilliant close up too!

Angela said...


Its great! In a disgusting kind of way! LOL!

Tell you what though, its a brilliant photo, look at all the detail, urgh!

Ruth said...

Dead or alive...that's a great shot of that fly. You cracked me up with your "fly" story. Glad you had such a good day and have fun with with the new lens.

Diana said...

Oh I really like all the detail in your shot! I also found yesterday difficult.

Kate said...

absolutely cool pic - i tried to find a fly but just when i needed one i couldnt find one, but love yours.

Kate said...

Lol, that was going to be my 'fly' shot until I remembered the gulls from hols.

Vanda said...

OMG Rach, that's horrible. I love it, it's a fantastic photo but eww!

pokettiger said...

What incredible detail!

Angela said...

I came back to have another look after reading your post on the forum about reversing rings. This is brill Rach, great result. What lens did you use?