Monday, 16 July 2007

Ongoing Saga

It took all of Saturday morning on the phone to various people but I did get somewhere - not sure where though. I had to phone the police station to find out where my car was then I had to phone them to see if it could be fixed - the jury is out on the one at the moment. Then came the all important call to the insurance people. They have kindly said that they will take on my case !?! which baffled me just a little bit as surely that's what I am paying for. This was after they asked me if I could keep the car on my drive - I think not with Brake fluid and oil leaking everywhere. I am still waiting for a phone call about a hire car as I should be getting it today but as of yet nothing and that's with me phoning twice this morning already. I am starting to get a bit flustered about it as I have to contact the Ferry place and the holiday place about the new car and I have no idea how much stuff will fit in it, but we have been told that it should be an estate.
I got a phone call off the police yesterday to say that the man, who is Portuguese, was unhurt and was arrested at the hospital as he was drink driving and will be up in court soon - I hope they throw the book at him, hard. He was driving his wife's car and was insured so that is something.
I suppose I will go and wait some more to hear about my hire car!



Rosie (Freycob) said...

So sorry to hear you were in an accident, but so glad that you weren't hurt. It'll take a few days for the aches and pains to come out. Make sure you seek any medical attention you need and rest up ready for you holiday.

As for the drink driver....!!!!! I will not comment as it's not ladylike to say what I feel about drink drivers!!!!!

Take care of yourself

sharon said... has all been happening with you..soooo pleased you are ok, it must have been a terrible shock though. Drinking and driving, when are people going to just stop..?..take care..
btw..had a look at your scary me feel quite sick at the thought of eating it..eewwww

Aubrey Harns said...

Hopefully everything will start working out smoothly now. I'm sorry this has happened. What a pain in the rear!! Hope you have a SUPER day.

Ruth said...

I'm just glad your accident wasn't worse...what with a drunk driver and all. Criminy, I hope he has to spend some time in jail.