Monday, 16 July 2007


I am now just about ready to scream or kill someone - preferably the idiot that ran into me on Friday night. I have spent ALL day on the phone to various places and I still haven't got a hire car and time is running out before we have to go on our hols. It started at lunch time when I was told that without the other party's name and address they couldn't do anything a bit difficult as I couldn't get this info on Friday as he was unconscious and fitting at the scene. I then had to phone the police to get the details who told me they couldn't tell them to me because of data protection so I gave my insurance people the number who phoned for the details and were told that the details could only be given to me because of data protection. I phoned the police back and eventually got the mans details including his insurance policy number - great I thought. I passed these over and was then told that I still couldn't have a car as they had to speak to a witness to confirm that I didn't do anything wrong and that they would get the money back from his insurance people. Guess what - the witness I have the number for was out at work so I still have no car. Then to top it off I have been told that my car is probably going to be written off but we won't know until Thursday and this in turn will effect my car hire. Apparently as soon as it is written off I won't be covered for car hire so will have to foot the bill myself.
I think I will be needing more than a holiday by the time Friday comes around!! We will just have to see what tomorrow brings - hopefully it will be something with a shiny body, 4 wheels and a large boot!! Lol



Diana said...

Hi Rachael for some reason I cannot get to your photo blog???

Jules said...

Oh no, that's awful. Hastle that you just don't need or deserve.

Hope you manage to get it all sorted soon. xx

Kathy said...

What a nightmare. Insurance companies are the pits, and as for "data protection" - well that's just a useful excuse for "I can't be bothered"
Hope you get it sorted out soon Rachael