Monday, 28 May 2007

Top Totty!

Mmmmm I like a man in make up with long hair mincing about the place (just don't let Pete know that). I am not very attracted to Johnny Depp but Jack Sparrow is gorgeous and in this film Orlando Bloom ends up in make up and a bandanna so double the totty for me!!! We went this morning to see the third film in the series and weren't disappointed despite the iffy reviews we had read. If you are a fan of the first 2 you will enjoy this film even though it could have been shorter. It's not giving anything away saying that at one point there were about 15 Jack Sparrows on the screen - I thought I had died and gone to heaven I didn't know which one to drool over first!! We have not done much else this weekend due to the poor weather and Pete wasn't well yesterday so he spent most of the day lying on the bed with stomach pains courtesy of Crones disease. It came on really quickly, lasted a few hours and then went away again. Got to go the batteries running low on the laptop.

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