Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Daisy Daisy

I took this photo the other day when I was playing with the camera so I thought I would share. It's something I would love to do properly but it takes more time than I have so I have to make do with the point and shoot method. Having a Canon digital SLR does help and makes me look better than I actually am.Pete spent all day yesterday in hospital again having an iron infusion as it was getting low again. He came home like the human pin cushion as they exploded two of the veins in his hand so ended up in his arm. His blood count is not too bad (for him) at the moment but could be a lot better as it is about half of what it should be. He also had his fortnightly epo injection last night so that should hopefully give his blood a boost. Other than that he is doing OK apart from a huge bruise on his back ?!? Not me honestly! Kyle is going out in sympathy as he is bruised and scrapped all over as he has decided that doing stunts on his bike is a good idea. We are not so sure as we have had to replace 2 nuts and a tyre since he started last week!!!


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