Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Turtle dove shot in Malta 

Yesterday I was made aware of this RSPB campaign to stop the illegal killing of migrating birds in Malta.  

Every spring, thousands of birds make astonishing journeys from their African wintering grounds to nest and breed in northern Europe.

Malta is a vital stepping stone for many of them on this journey, where they stop to rest and feed to build up their strength for the last leg of their journey. Sadly, many never leave the island - instead they are gunned down by Maltese hunters.

While there are law-abiding hunters in Malta, many just don't care. And now, Maltese hunters are waiting for their government to defy European Law once again and allow shooting in spring – despite the EU's conservation law that bans spring hunting.

Worryingly, this stance could encourage hunters in other European countries to try to engineer similar situations, which could have terrible consequences for endangered and protected birds throughout the European Community, including, swallows, swifts, nightingales, skylarks, and ospreys.

The RSPB have set up an online petition to stop this illegal killing you can find it here.

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