Thursday, 18 February 2010


So this is it the end of the C's 

and then we move on to the D's which I am finding a lot more difficult then any of the other letters so far.

We watched Kevin Costner in the film 'Dragonfly' at the weekend which was watchable, not brilliant but certainly not bad.

Then last night we watched 'Drag Me To Hell' which was a pitiful excuse for a horror film.  The only thing it had going for it was some extremely good jumpy bits in it.  At one point, I am ashamed to admit, I actually screamed out loud.  In my defence Pete had put the surround sound right up and I was sat right next to the speakers.  It did give everyone a really good laugh though!

At the moment I am sat listening to this

Now I am out of ideas for D so I am going to have to get my thinking cap on otherwise my D collage is going to be very empty!

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Kerry said...

Lots of good C words. Hope you managed to find something to fill D.