Monday, 23 February 2009


FEB 12th 2009 2.20pm

It's about 28c, the boys are in the pool, Pete is asleep and I am sat on the deck in the hazy sunlight writing this. Despite going to bed at 2am Oman time (6am our time) we were up at 7.25am and Kyle was in the pool by 7.30am.

Yes this is how he sun bathes!

So far the day has been spent having a driving tour of Muscat, a quick drive up into the mountains where I didn't take any photos due to the dust storm that we are experiencing. From what we CAN see it is totally stunning here and I can't wait to start snapping away.

We ate lunch at a little place called "Stomach" which was delicious and now it is Siesta time. In a little bit we will be heading out to enjoy the last day of the Muscat Festival before going out to a Hawian themed party, held by Robert & Margaret's friend, later on this evening.

Taken just outside "Stomach"

Pete's Dad outside "Stomach"

FEB 12th 2009 10.50pm

The Muscat Festival was amazing the sights, sounds and smells were a totally new experience for us.

Pete's Mum playing odd one out

The men were mainly dressed in dishadasha's some of them even carried a khanjar which is a curved dagger worn at the waist.

The women were dressed in various ways but many wear an abaya some are fully veiled but most are not. Each region of Oman has different national dress for the women if they are not wearing the Abaya. Needless to say we stood out like sore thumbs as there are not many western visitors over in Oman at the moment.

We tried a traditional dish that was basically eggy bread cooked on a flat plate thingy and got some freshly squeezed candy cane drink which I can honestly say is the most revolting thing I have ever tasted strangely enough everyone else loved it.

The different tribes were singing and dancing.

There were displays of local culture and crafts.

The boys enjoyed a camel ride.

The small boy guiding Matt's camel wasn't so happy though as he got the fright of his life when Matt nearly crashed over the camels head onto him.

Look how quickly his arm is moving in panic!

We finished the day off at the party eating the most delicious Indian food I have ever tasted before going home for a well earned sleep.

I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked at the festival as I knew that in Oman you are not supposed to take pictures of people or their belongings with out asking permission first as it is frowned upon. Since returning home I have learnt that the pot of burning stuff on top of the ladies head is frankincense which is burnt mixed with charcoal. There are a lot of young women now choosing to wear the black Abaya's when they go out according to Robert this is a trend that has become much more popular in the last couple of years.


Chris T said...

Stunning photos Rach!

Shannon said...

These are great photos. Looks like all had a good time. You home yet?

Photographing Mom said...

I am loving reading your story and seeing the pictures!!! Thanks!

Mima said...

My fav is definitely the one of the woman weaving, not quite sure why, but there is something inherently "right" about it, it just feels right! I'm sure with your art training that you could tell me what it is!!

Kate said...

Great atmospheric shots, so colourful. Hope you had a fab time.

Igotmebabe said...

You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to take these shots, they are all fab. I am reading your holiday story backwards ( from the end to the beginning)