Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Getting a Handle on things...

... well that's what I would like to be doing but it ain't happening at the moment. I seem to spend more time procrastinating than I spend doing, something that has to change. My doctors appointment went as expected in that I ended up very angry and panicked. The doc ended up taking my blood pressure which was rather over what is expected at about 175/155 but then again I could have told her that but would she listen to me about my white coat syndrome - would she hell. Her answer is for me to go to the hospital next week to be fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor which I have to return to the hospital the next day. I tried to tell her that it would give false readings as not only have a been to the hospital but I am returning the next day so I will be highly agitated but she didn't listen. Since then I have been taking my own readings and they are all around the 109/70 143/76 123/81 mark so I know I don't have high blood pressure so we will just have to wait and see what happens next week, apart from me throwing up on the way to the hospital that is!

So for another quick catch up before I dash round to Mima's house to watch Mama Mia with her (much better than watching with 3 men/boys).

This picture is of my paternal great grandfather with his siblings and parents in the late 1800's. He is the youngest boy sitting at the front. Just look at my Great, great grandma I certainly wouldn't want to cross her she looks formidable.

A big thank you to everyone who has visited Matt's blog and left a comment. He is pretty short on time during the week but I am sure he will do some blog hopping himself at weekends to see everyone.


Igotmebabe said...

Love your handle shot and your catch ups. Make sure you tell them at the hospital about your own BP readings. Hope you and Mima don't get hoarse from singing along to the movie :)

Mandy said...

Really feel for you about having to go to the dr's. Nothing worse.
Hope it's all over soon :O)

Fantastic shots! I also love the handle. xox

Zoe said...

Enjoy Mamma Mia, definitely one to watch with a friend. My OH wasn't too impressed :(

Great shots again x

Eleanor said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful family photograph. How lucky you are to have it, I have enjoyed scrutinising all your ancestors :D.
I'm sorry to read of your experiences, just don't let those white coats admit you if you can help it ;)
Oh I wish I could come and watch Mamma Mia with you and Mima - grandma peggy spoilt it for me when she had a sulky turn and declared it too bright, noisy and fancier than it ought to have been (whatever the heck that was supposed to mean).
love E

Louise said...

Love that bag handle shot, did you use a macro lens?

Rach said...

{{{HUGS}}} for the hospital visit hun.

Beautiful photograph of your family xxxx

Chris T said...

Jealous of your handle shot - amazing! Love the ancestors - a woman not to be crossed for sure. I still think it's worth a talk with someone at the surgery before next week - especially as you've got proof now!

Mima said...

Mama Mia with you was just wonderful, really enjoyed it. Your Great grandmother looks really scary, I'm sure that she kept them all in good order!

Sue Nicholson said...

What a brilliant photo :-) She does look quite scary and it makes you think that if this was the best what must she must have looked like on the others!

Awesome catch up photos Rach.

Matts blog is super and very refreshing to visit :-) Have aimed to include something constructive when leaving messages today.

Lovely to meet up yesterday.