Monday, 5 January 2009

Beginning of a New Year

A bit of cliché but yes it is the beginning of a New Year and yes I am going on a diet. It's not really a matter of having a choice in this I have to do it. We got a phone call on New Years Day from my In Laws asking when the next school holidays were and then saying that they were looking to book us flights out to Dubai so that we could spend 10 days with them in Muscat. It will be so nice to get some hot weather for a change and to spend some time with them the only problem is I don't fit into any of my summer clothes at the moment and there isn't much chance of buying any in the shops so Weightwatchers it is.

We had a lovely Christmas and we spent a lot of time out with the dogs and geocaching to then come home to a warm house, hot chocolate (not me I hate the stuff), XBox games and Wii tornaments. Most nights I was well and truly whopped at Mario Karts on the Wii but more often than not I got my own back on 10 pin bowling. I'm amazed that we have had the Wii since the first day it came out and we still play it regularly - well worth the money.


Bobs said...

Oh, the dreaded diet. Yes, I must lose weight too. I lost 4st last year, then went to Barcelona for the weekend in May and since then, I've put it almost all back on. :(
Why can't lettuce taste like chocolate? It would be easy peasy then!

We've had our Wii for ages too and we still play regularly too. We've just got the Guitar Hero Rock Band and it's such fun!!! I've learned that I can't play drums for toffee!!! Lololol


canadacole said...

We have the same beginning I'm afraid. My reason (beyond health) is getting ready for my mom's wedding in July. It almost hurt to call the dressmaker today. Yikes!

We're still coveting a Wii. One of these days soon I hope.

I love the ice on the trees in that photo you shared. How lovely it all looks! I'd be home for hot chocolate after too (I love the stuff--sorry).

Mandy said...

Hi Rachael

Thanks for the comment, I am so with you with your "beginning" haha.

Well you have done well to only put a stone on, I put it all back on plus a little more! Bad times. So first day back on it today and will find out the damage tomorrow evening at weigh~in.

Good luck anyway and I will pop back to check in on you :O) xox

sam said...

hi great photo, i'm also on the diet wagon bck to WW lost 2 stone last yr and most crept bback on since sept holiday,

Wii we all love it great for all family plus it is good excersise : )

Jenga said...

We have had a wii 12 months and for the first 11.5 didn't use it!!! We got a bunch of new games for Christmas and it has been on every day since! :D

Good luck with ww. I am trying to be "good" but that's as much as I can manage right now LOL


Sue Nicholson said...

Well, look at that . . . a post :-)

Smashing to see you have been able to get some "me time" to take part in HSMSHS :-)

And a good begining too . . . you can do it . . . 'cos you are a WWW ;-)

Smashing photo of your walk in the woods . . . Sue

Photographing Mom said...

Great beginning! I'm beginning the exercise routing again!!

Plans for a Wii purchase are still in the planning...

Gez said...

Good Luck with the diet.

Great take on todays prompt.

Chris T said...

Are you using the wii to weigh & exercise too - I find it helps focus the mind & I enjoy doing the yoga, not so much the aerobics!! Great beginning & I'm envious of the frosty trees. Really must give geocaching a go but not sure how to start?

Igotmebabe said...

Great shot Rach, I am sure you will do it,with that wonderful trip to look forward to.

Mima said...

The geocaching shot is brilliant - just love the frosty trees, it all looks so pretty - even Pete - don't you dare tell him I said he looked pretty though, or he will kill me!!

Good luck on the diet, we regularly eat several of the recipes that you shared, we had Caribbean chicken last night - yummy!