Wednesday, 17 December 2008

On the up at last

I have nearly posted a number of times in the last couple of weeks but stopped myself as I wanted to be positive when I next posted. We now seem to be coming out of the other side of it and Pete is returning to work tomorrow. Since I last wrote he started with a cold which turned out to be worse than a normal run of the mill cold - which is really not suprising as we are talking about Pete here. On one of the 3 occassions that he was in hospital last week he passed out, I thought it was due to his wussyness with needles but apparantly it was due to a rather bad chest infection. He is close to finishing his course of antibiotics so the infection has now nearly cleared but not before he cracked his 2 weak ribs in a coughing fit. This is actually an added bonus, in one way, as he now has to lie stock still in bed all night or be in pain - great for me. His anemia now seems to be under control but we will know more when he has a blood test next week but so far he seems to be on top of it.

Not much else has been going on around here for the last month apart from a few wonderful visits with Mima and a great one with Sue. Most of Christmas has been sorted out over the internet this year as I have not really been able to go out shopping much. Just the worst bit to do now - food shopping. Really not looking forward to that.

Now for a HUGE catch up with HSMSHS.

Starting with todays. I really don't do tinsel in the traditional sense as I'm not that keen on it. However, I do have some black tinsel on my windowsill in the new room and some rather spiffing brown stuff that could sort of pass as tinsel on the tree in my front room.

Done and dusted the jobs a gud 'un.


Sue Nicholson said...

So pleased to hear Pete is on the mend :-)

Photos are excellent. Inspiring :-) Love them . . . Truly do :-)

Great catch up Rach . . . see you on FB later :-)

Sue . . . rumaging for ice cream!

Kate said...

Really glad things are on the up and your Christmassy photos are fab.

anita said...

glad to see you playing along again...and i hope your hubby has a speedy recovery!


Mima said...

Great set of photos, especially like the twinkly lights shot, they look like little stars. The ornament for gold is so pretty and very delicate.

SuzyB said...

Good new about Pete :o)

Its only now, seeing your shots that I realised how much Ive missed them - all incredible!

I dont do tinsel either, hence no shot from me today lol

sharon said...

Good news Rach!!!, I bet you are relieved! those pics are reminding me that I am sooooo behind and really need to put my tree up...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photographing Mom said...

Woo-hoo!!!!!! SO glad Pete's on the mend!!!

Your catch-up is gorgeous.

Eleanor said...

What a relief to hear the corner has been turned, it must be so worrying for you all.
Photos are fab, so classy, like pics from Good Housekeeping or Country Living.
I wish you and the boys a wonderful Christmas, but above all, a healthy one.

Jenga said...

Fab photos!!! Glad things are on the up - hope they keep improving xxxx

Igotmebabe said...

Amazing set of catch up shots, I particularly like the tinsel that you don't do :)
Hope Pete continues to recover well and that you both manage to enjoy a lovely xmas. I hate food shopping too,why is it that we feel the need to buy so much ...just in case is my excuse:)

Chris T said...

Glad to hear things are more positive on the health front for you & Pete. Love ALL your catchups - really can't decide on a favourite.

canadacole said...

I'm happy to hear things are on the up and everyone should be well for Christmas. Beautiful series of photos!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Pete is on the mend. My mum was asking about him. Take care. :o)
Hope you and yout family have a great christmas. Karen.