Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Having a Whinge!

I'm in a moaning mood tonight and like Sue I think it is a good idea that I start making a record of what is happening health wise so that I can look back on it when I need to. Pete has been to the hospital today to get the results of his blood test from last week and to check on how his new drugs are going. The drugs (immunosuppressants (not sure this is how you spell it)) are going OK and he has to stay on the same dosage for the next few weeks and as they are not effecting his Liver at the moment the blood tests are now every 2 weeks instead of every week. They want him to start lowering the dosage of steroids down but he has told them that with the way he is feeling at the moment that there isn't a chance of that happening and it will just have to wait. The blood test taken last Tuesday says that his blood level is about 74 (should be 160) and the iron level is 3 (10 is very low). We know that it is now a LOT lower than that as he has was really ill on Thursday and Friday which will have effected his blood count with out a doubt. He was booked in for an iron infusion tomorrow BUT the hospital phoned late this afternoon to tell us that they could not get the iron until Monday !!! So now we have to wait and Pete has to suffer until then. He is going to see the Doc tomorrow to get a sick note for the rest of this week and next as there is no way he should be going in to work like he is.

Sorry that this post is a little depressing and boring but as I said this is more for me than anyone else. I will try and make the next post a little more up beat!


SuzyB said...

Its just blog and you can put what you want on it! Sorry to hear things are crap at the moment, hope things take a turn for the better very very soon xx

SuzyB said...

Course, that should say 'your' blog not, 'just' blog. Well it is early isnt it....

Jenga said...

Aww hun so sorry things are so pants right now :( Loads of hugs for you and Pete xxx

Eleanor said...

See, folks out here care, and want to know, and want to offer you their concern and love. So it's for us too, even if that's not the original idea.
Love to you both, will hope to hear some better news very soon.

Bobs said...

Sometimes, we just need to vent and what better place than your own blog? Those of us who read it and care about you will understand - and those that just read it, don't matter anyway.

Hope Pete improves very soon - but remember to take care of YOU too.


Photographing Mom said...

Hugs to all of you!!! Sending good thoughts your way.

Sue Nicholson said...

Is it moaning? I thought it was when I was doing it, BUT you know what, after reading your I now accept that it isn't.

It's life.

It's stating facts, it's saying this is not on, it's saying that I know that life can be unfair evenso sometimes it stinks.

As Eleanor say, folks care, as Suzy says, it's your blog, as I say it helped me and it's a record too.

If you find it helps, do it :-) Everyone here will support you :-)

Can't spell the immu . . . either. Glad that they are going well :-) Good on Pete, he must tell the Drs, it's strange because as a child/young adult you do what your Dr tells you. Nowadays though things are different, I have to push sometimes for what I know is the better option for me. I live with this illness day in day out, my Drs are generally good and listen, they know they only have the second hand experience to work with, each case is different and I know mine better than they ever will.

It's hard though sometimes, it just doesn't feel right to be disagreeing with the Dr.

It's disgusting that the pharmacy can't get hold of the medication. Disgusting and not acceptable.

And just be you . . . upbeat or not . . . we really do like you just the way your are :-)

Hugs . . . Sue

Mima said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get to your post. Your blog is there to write in, its your record of what is happening, and we are here to support you, and hopefully through you, Pete as well, through difficult times. Its important to write when things aren't going well as well as when they are fine. It should make you feel a bit better too!

I'm glad that Pete is making progress, it's going to be really slow until after the iron, and that is really hard to deal with. Take it easy on you both.

Lots of love

Zoe said...

Sending hugs and well wishes your way (((()))) xxxx

sharon said...

Blog about who you want, when you want and how you want is my advice and I do hope Pete is feeling better than what he has done.xxx